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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Here is the place for summaries and reviews about everything in the worldwide. There are thousands of topics of all sciences like book review and summary, synopses, academic paper, web and movie review and more. Divided into some category such Entertainment, Products, Lifestyle, Society And News Travel and of Writing And Speaking.

Besides obtaining information, you also can contribute article and get earn at the same time. There is no special conditions to join. Anyone may participate. Article shoul be orisinil and informative. Its can be an idea, opinion, suggestion or criticism. Articles are NOT SUCH a creative masterpiece, like story, poem, etc.

Way Of Sign Up

1. Open Shvoong.Com or click here. Click "Sign Up" at top of page.

2. Create your account by fill the requirment form with valid data. Your email address and password will be needed to login later. Click "Register" to complete registration.

3. Shvoong.Com send you an email-verification. Open your inbox and click it to activated your account.

4. Complete your profile by fill the form. Click "Save Changes" to save it.

5. Done.

Now, you can write your article by clicking "Write And Earn". Select what are you writing of. Select language, title of your article, author, overview. Then write your article (your abstract) at window box. Select category and sub-category of yours. Add more details and link referenceif you wish. Finnaly, enter the code shown and click "Upload".

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